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My research explores the interaction between  society, environment and economy using  sustainable development as a unifying perspective. I am especially interested in systemic transitions to sustainability and the barriers and drivers that help or hinder these transitions.  I have conducted research at the international level and worked with the United Nations;  at  the  national level where I have contributed to and advised on national policy;  as well as working at the local and regional scales where my work has had a direct impact on policy and practice.  


My research is innately interdisciplinary allowing me the opportunity to synthesise innovative theoretical approaches, advance methodological debates and apply this to  empirical work.  There is an emphasis in my work on understanding sustainable development in the context of  risk, and what this means for society and the planet as a whole. Moreover, my work explores complexity and systems thinking, as well as socio-technical transitions towards sustainability. If you are interested in conducting doctoral research in any of the areas below please do get in contact 

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