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United Nations 

At the international level of analysis I am interested in how international organisations are responsible for articulating and projecting sustainable development through formal and informal networks.  Conceptually this takes the form of  an exploration of the competing discourse coalitions that emerge within and around  global institutions.  


The focus of my work to date has been the United Nations  which formed a central component of my Doctoral research.


In 2002 I was stationed at UN headquarters in New York to advise on sustainable development related issues for the 57th United Nations General Assembly as well conduct ethnographic research.   I am currently developing my initial insights to explore the discursive impacts of the Sustainable Devleopment Goals  that looks 'beyond targets'. 


Maikke Jensen

Inter - agency officer at UNEP

I have known Greg for nearly 15 years since he worked in our office at the United Nations headquarters in New York in 2002. Greg was a valuable part of the United Nations Environment Programme New York office team, displaying the highest levels of professionalism and diplomacy, and easily interacting with members of the UN secretariat and member state representatives at all levels. In subsequent years his research on sustainable development at the international, national and local levels, as well as across sectors, has had a significant impact.

Pierre Quiblier

Programme Officer, Policy and Governance Team

Gregorys ability to wrestle with complex issues and provide creative solutions in an efficient and constructive manner can only be recommended and will make him an asset to any organisation with international operations

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