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A Framework for Sustainable Global Development and the Effective Governance of Risk 

This book presents  research conducted during the 57th (2002) United Nations General Assembly which directly followed the World Summit of Sustainable Development.  During this time I was working as an adviser to the United Nations Environment Programme based at  United Nations headquarters in New York  


The interrelation between reflexive modernisation, sustainable development and risk governance is the central topic of this book written by Gregory Borne. Plenty of authors have elaborated on each of the three topics, yet there has not been a systematic attempt to link the theory of reflexive modernisation with the political drive for sustainable development and the analysis of risk governance. This integration of three distinct traditions in contemporary social sciences is in itself already a major accomplishment. In addition, Borne succeeded in linking the theoretical with the empirical and the global with the local level.

Prof. Ortwin Renn, Professor of Environmental Sociology and Technology Assessment at the University of Stuttgart

This is an interesting book that makes you think. It is well written and regularly ties up its themes well. It is empirically informative and very good on creating categories and concepts for encapsulating its findings. Borne proceeds in a methodologically careful way. He overturns what to some would be obvious truths and invites the reader to think about where politics may be most reflexive and best able to deal with environmental problems.


Prof. Luke Martell, University of Sussex

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