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Doctoral Supervision


I have supervised a number of doctoral thesis in multiple areas.  My research interests are focused on sustainable development, governance and risk.  If you are interested in beginning your doctoral studies and have an interest in any of the research areas discussed on this website please do get in touch. If there are other areas you are interested in more broadly please explore the Plymouth Marjon University research web pages.

Current Supervision 

Katie Major - Perceptions of Sustainable Food Products 

Damien Hackney-  Emotional Engagement with Nature and Pro- Environmental Behaviour 

Lisa Stewart - Structural Violence Relating to Social Harm 



Doctorates Awarded


Paula Holbrook – The Role of Housing Tenure for Social Change 2015 


Arzoo Syeddah - Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Markets: Interface of SMEs and [localized] ‘hybrid CSR model’ (altruistic & strategic). 2017 


Erdem Erciyes - Motivational strategies of managers for improving employee's performance. A cross-cultural analysis of managers approach from high-context cultures and low-context cultures 2017 

Kosmos  Akande-Alasoka - Communication and Governance: The Case of Nigeria 2018 

Doctorates Examined 
Emma Whitlesea – Sustainable Tourism in Southwest England 

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