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Plymouth Employer Hub

On the 28th of February I attended the launch of Plymouths Employer Hub. The Hub will help local businesses connect with local employment solutions and is part of the broader SKILLS 4 PLYMOUTH, Plymouth skills plan 2016-25. The hub enables people to;

"... have the right skills to enter into and progress in work; and employers have the people they need with the right skills for recovery and growth" (PCC 2023).

The hub has three key area:

1.Skills 4 Plymouth

2.Recruitment Support

3.Skills and Training

The Hub contains a wealth of information drawing together different sources in a really concise format that will be incredibly useful across all sectors. From a university perspective, the hub provides the opportunity to further engage with the local business community, expanding networks and identifying areas where we are able to add value. The hub will help facilitate Increased civic engagement, knowledge exchange and responses to the key areas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Also, the value of the hub for students is clear. The hub has the potential to help students understand and engage with the local employment landscape as well as understand what skills are in demand and how they can best apply their education. The hub can also help with placement and work experience opportunities ensuring the development of essential skills before entering the workforce.

It was a really inspirational morning and the enthusiasm for the hub from local business, charities and broader organisations was very clear. I connected with some great businesses all keen to work with Marjon in the future.

This initiative also connects very directly with my own research working in partnership with Plymouth City Council which explores the Spend 4 Plymouth initiative and the opportunities this has to strengthen the local economy and embed principles of sustainability and social value throughout Plymouth.

To find out more about that research - visit -

(Emma Hewitt - Skills Lead Plymouth City Council)

You can also hear more about the Employer Hub from Emma on the Business Success Podcast


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