My work has has significant impact at  multiple scales.  This has inclduded direct policy advice to governmental, non governmental and busines organisations and through the impact of my published work. have engaged directly and indirectly in different policy forums.  This has been through different both in a professional advisory capacity and through my research and published work

Invited contribution to the United Nations high level ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review (QMR) (2008)  on Achieving Environmental Sustainability[1]

Senior Research Fellow, at the Earth Systems Governance[2] - Largest social science project relating to Sustainable Development

I have been invited to consult with the Department of Local Communities and Government on multiple aspects relating to town and parish -  policy brief to DCLG

Elected a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for my work in Sustainable development

Invited participation in cross parliamentary discussion on ‘Energy Literacy in Local Communities, (global Leaders Organisation for a better environment –Jan 2010), Portcullis House 

 Invitation to contribute to the Breakthrough ideas for the 21st Century organised by Commission for Sustainable Development [3]